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The Principles and Practice of Thoughtful Real Estate by Joe & Cynthia Haydock

 When we launched our real estate business together, we knew that we wanted to provide the kind of ethical and effective service that protected our clients' interests and reflected our values. We call this philosophy thoughtful real estate, and it permeates our culture and guides our actions as Realtors. Thoughtful real estate is defined by these core values: 


o Integrity: We believe that honesty is essential, not optional.

Therefore, our clients and affiliates can trust us to do the right thing every time.


o Competence: We are learning based professionals who know our market and our craft.

Therefore, we protect our clients’ interests and get them the best results.


o Kindness: We consistently practice kindness with everyone.

Therefore, we have positive relationships with our clients and other real estate professionals.


o Understanding: We listen to our clients and communicate effectively.

Therefore, our clients have clarity. Educated home sellers are empowered home sellers.


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